Unit #8: Oceania

Unit Learning Goals:

1. Identify the location of countries and physical features in the region of Oceania.

2. Develop an understanding of how islands are formed on the Earth.

3. Analyze the impact of colonization by Europeans on the cultures of native peoples in Oceania, both past and present.

4. Investigate aspsects of modern culture throughout Oceania.

Unit Assignments:                                             OCEANIA GAMES!!!

       Introduction to Oceania- In Class    

       Map Assignment        


       How are Islands Formed Notes- Nat Geo Island Encyclopedia


      Colonization of Oceania

       Oceania Culture Project

Colonization in the South Pacific Handout


       They Took the Children Away

       Operations Crossroads

Mini Culture Project

Unit Assessments:- To be done in class depending upon your MAPs score levels from Winter

Pink Assessment

Green Assessment

White Assessment

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