Unit #6 Europe

Essential Questions: 

  • Where is Europe? Where are countries and important physical features located?
  • What is a refugee?
  • How is the refugee crisis impacting daily life in European countries?
  • How can political leaders manage a refugee crisis?

Learning Target: 

  • I can write a letter to a politician that includes a call to action for how I think the Syrian refugee crisis should be dealt with.

Day #1: Europe Map Assignment

Day #2: Who is a refugee?

Refugee Admissions

What is a refugee - USA for UNHCR

What's the difference between immigrant and refugee? - CNN.com

Who Are Refugees? - European Council on Refugees and Exiles

Day #3: Background Information about Syrian Refugee Crisis 

Background info article about why there are Syrian refugees.

Comprehension Questions for this article

Day #4: Syrian Journey: Choose your own escape route

Worksheet to go with Syrian Journey

Day #5: Refugee Stories

Mapping One Refugees’ Journey

Day # 6: How is the migrant crisis dividing EU countries?

charts that show how EU countries are impacted

Day #7: ARTICLE:

Pro/Con: Stopping Syrian Refugees from Coming Into the U.S.

Printable article

Question: Should Syrian refugees be stopped from coming into the United States? Defend your position using text evidence from the article.

Graphic Organizer (homework)

Day #8: Fish Bowl Prep

Fish Bowl PrepSyria: Epicenter of a Deepening Refugee Crisis (Esri Interactive Maps)

Time Magazine- Syrian Refugee Article

CNN Article: Syrian Refugees in USA

Refugee Act of 1980

Days #9-10 in class: Fish Bowl Discussion

(Students play themselves and discuss whether or not Syrian Refugees should be allowed to come into the United States.)

Days 11-13: Write Letter to a Politician

Question: Should Syrian Refugees be stopped from coming into the United States? Write a letter to a lawmaker that recommends whether or not Syrian Refugees should be allowed to come into the United States. You must include three pieces of evidence (facts and specific examples) to support your recommendation.


                Sources from your Peers                          

NY Times: Presidential Candidates Stances on Syrian Refugees

NY Times Truth About American Terrorists

CNN Article: 31 US Governors Against Allowing Syrian Refugees 

TIME: American Reactions to Syrian Refugees

Syrian Refugees in America: Separating Fact from Fiction

White House Infographic: The Process for Allowing Refugees into the United States

US State Department: Myths vs Facts in the Settlement of Syrian Refugees

NPR: Can’t Go Home (Stories from Syrian Refugees

US State Deparment: Syrian Refugee Response

Quick Facts Syrian Refugee Crisis (Mercy Corps)

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