Project Tri Fold Requirements


My Tri-Fold Poster will have the following items:

  • Name of your Adopt-A-Country
  • Location of your Adopt-A-Country with a map (Use your AAC Map assignment, it is located in your World Geography folder.)
  • 3 visual images or 3-D artifacts - this will be different depending upon which project you have
  • PROJECT PLACARD: A one paragraph explanation of your learning goals for this project. See the instructions in your proejct contract document.
  • Typed Recipe with all ingredients of food being served- if you are doing a cuisine (Food) project ONLY
  • Typed Works Cited in correct MLA format which includes every source you took notes from as well as the source of any image or map or recipe you used! You need a minimum of 5 sources. This should be taped to the back of your tri-fold poster!
  • Anything else you want!
DSC 0299

Works Cited

  1. Login to your Google Drive
  2. Create a new black document
  3. Title the document: Your Name AAC Works Cited Hour #                                  Example: YourNameAACWorksCitedHour3
  4. Type your sources or cut and paste them from your works cited slide in your project notes. You will cite all sources used in research AND any image or video or map, etc you used on your Tri Fold or in an electronic presentation if you have one. 
  5. Use the MLA format you were given in class to help you. Follow those instructions.
  6. Make sure sources are in alphabetical order as the example below shows.
  7. Double space each source.
  8. Type Works Cited at the top and center the title as the example below shows.
  9. Print your document and hand it into your teacher. 
  10. Next after you get it back you will tape it to the back of your Tri Fold display board for your teacher to see.

MLA Citation Guide

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 7.51.43 AM

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