National Geographic Bee



2017 Leo Newman

2016 Ben Patte

2015 Julia Appel

2014  Abby Schill

2013  Harris McCafferty

2012 Ananya Murali 

2011 Elie Ben Bordow

2010 Samson D’Amato

2009 Jacob Shermer- 3rd Place WI

2008 Jonathan Hewitt

2007 Joe Pendleton

What is the National Geographic Bee?

Each year thousands of schools in the United States participates in the National Geographic Bee using materials prepared by the National Geographic Society. The contest is designed to encourage teachers to include geography in their classrooms, spark student interest in the subject, and increase public awareness about geography. Schools with students in grades four through eight are eligible for this entertaining and challenging test of geographic knowledge. 

Here at SIS all 7th and 8th grade students participate in the Geography Bee in their 7th Grade World Geography and 8th Grade Social Studies classes in the month of January. 

After the students participate in their classrooms, room champions are gathered to compete at the school-level bee which takes place after school in Ms. Kopplin’s classroom.

The individual SIS Bee Champion will take a written test to try to qualify for the State Bee in Madison in March. If a student wins the state level bee they will fly to Washington D.C. where they will compete in the National Bee for a chance to win thousands of dollars in college scholarship money to the school of their choice.

Geo Bee Tips

  • Read about places and people around the world in National Geographic magazine or online or in newspapers
  • Make use of online sources that are free to help you prepare
  • Pay attention to geographic information when you travel or when you hear about a place or location in the news or in school

Become knowledgeable about the following topics:

  • US States & Capital cities, major cities
  • US physical features and bodies of water
  • National Parks
  • Economic Geography of the US
  • World cities and cultures
  • Languages and Religions of the world
  • Historical Geography
  • Modern Geography and Current Events
  • General Geography terms and applications, map reading and use


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