Geography Skills & Essential Learning Outcomes

  • Identify how do geographers study the Earth. (Identify and understand the 5 Themes of Geography.)

  • Use an atlas to estimate distance, calculate scale, identify dominant patterns of climate and land use, and compute population density.

  • Identify and determine types of climates do you find around the world and what factors determine the climate type in a location.

  • Investigate aspects of culture and daily life  in various countries throughout the world.

  • Examine how climate and the environment affect how people live their daily lives. Examine how the daily lives of people impact the environment. 

  • Determine what characteristics make a place unique.

  • Determine what gives a person or a group power and authority over a group of people? Examine how proximity to natural resources cause political conflict.

  • Identify the factors motivate people to live in urban areas on the Earth.

  • How are islands formed?

  • How has the movement of European colonists impacted the identify of the indigenous peoples of Oceania?

  • Identify issues or problems  facing people and nations around the world. Determine possible solutions to those issues or problems.

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