Climate of My Adopt-A-Country Assignment

Climate of 



INSTRUCTIONS: Use to see a world climate map or use a desk atlas or your textbook for help. Answer the questions below to find the climate types in your Adopt-A-Country and the capital city. Add this information to your Learning Profile Wix under your Adopt-A-Country page! Make sure to publish your changes when you finish!

This assignment is a graded FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT- quiz grade.

  1. CLIMATE ZONE: Check out the location of your Adopt-A-Country on a world map- use an atlas or Google Earth to help you.                                                                                        Find out what latitudes lines does your AAC spans? Decide of the 3 climate zones on the Earth is your AAC located in? (Depending upon the country and its location, it may span more than one of the 3 climate zones.) Explain which of the 3 zones your country is located in on your Learning Profile Wix.

  • Tropical
  • Temperate
  • Polar



 “The United States of America is located in the northern hemisphere and the continental United States is located between 25°N and 70°N. Because of it’s location, the continental USA is located in the Temperate climate zone and just a small part of the state of Maine is located in the Polar climate zone.”

2. CLIMATE TYPES OF YOUR AAC: Now using the climate factors from class and the climate chart from your notes, which one of the 12 climate types within these 3 zones does your Adopt-A-Country have? List them. 

3. CLIMATE FACTORS: Which of the 12 climate types does the capital city of your Adopt-A-Country have? Explain why this city has this particular climate type by explaining which climate factors determine this. 

4. RECREATION: Look at Culturegrams.  Read about the climate of your AAC to check your work to see if you were correct! Then read about the recreational activities that people participate in here (things they do for fun). Which recreational actvities are impacted by the climate type in your AAC? (How does climate influence what people do for fun?)

5. VISITING YOUR AAC: Next, explain what you would need to pack if you were going to go on vacation here. Based upon what you learned, what time of the year would you experience the best weather to visit?

6. PUBLISH YOUR WORK: Good job! You are done! Time to publish your work. Once you do this, meet with your teacher so she can check your work!

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